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Empty chatter of an overly perky Fat Goth Girly(but really more of a rivet head)

5 August 1983
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I live in Southern California. I am into industrial music, clubbing ,clothing ect. . Ive started to go back to school as of Feb 2008 for my associates in nursing..which will probably take a few years but it will be worth it in the end. :M

2006 mustang, 30 seconds to mars, :[sitd]:, [:sitd:], a perfect circle, aerosmith, amduscia, american mgee's alice, american psycho, amy tan, and one, angel, angels and agony, anne rice, ant-zen, apoptygma berserk, apoptygma berzerk, art, assemblage 23, ayria, bats day, bbw bdsm, beborn beton, blutengel, bondage, bones, books, boots, brainbug, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, bush, c/a/t, cartoons, cats, caustic, cleopatra, combichrist, converter, cooking, corsets, covenant, disneyland, disturbia, dungeon, evanescence, fan fiction, feindflug, fetish, fictional, ford, front 242, front line assembly, funker vogt, garbage, gladiator, gothic, graham hancock, harry potter, hex/rx, house, i love lucy, imperative reaction, in strict confidance, in strict confidence, incubus, industrial, informatik, interview with the vampire, invader zim, james marsters, jhonen vasquez, john grisham, john william waterhouse, juno reactor, kids in the hall, kmfdm, law and order, led zeppelin, lincoln park, mad tv, makeup, manufactura, marilyn manson, marquis de sade, mary shelly, movies, music, neil gaiman, nicholas brendon, nine inch nails, noisex, oil 10, pets, pink floyd, plus sized modeling, pre-raphaelite art, qntal, quills, rammstein, rasputina, reading slash, rivet, rivet head, robert bauval, rubinesque, s&m, sara mclachlan, secretary, silence of the lambs, silverchair, smashing pumpkins, spander, spangel, spike, steampunk, steven king, stigmata, suicide commando, super tramp, svu, tactical sect, tactical sekt, talvekoidik, television, terrorfact, terrorfakt, the american president, the offspring, the orion mystery, tool, torrid, trent reznor, tumor, vampires, venus in furs, victorian, vnv nation, voluptuous, wolfsheim, xander, xander/spike, xotox