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Ever since I watched Deathly Hallows I cant get this song out of my head.

Ive always liked nick cave, but I actually knew him as a writer before I knew his music...go figure.

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 well, i was making humus, but I just sliced my knuckle on my stick blender....owwwwww
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PETA should be ashamed of themselves.

This is a horrible video about how a peta under cover agent worked at a breeding facility and watched how animals are treated. What disgusts me about this video is that PETA claims to be for the ethical treatment of animals.
But, if they felt so bad for how this poor bird was being treated why did they not have the agent take the bird and get it help..they filmed it for over a month in pain and yet say how they couldn't get a vet to look at it.
NO, instead peta obviously said something along the lines of "Film the bird in pain, but don't do anything to compromise the mission" 


Angel's Story
Watch more videos at PETA.org.
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Absolutely Horrible.

I opened my freezer  a few days ago and found that stuff was thawing out.. so, I cleaned it out and defrosted it. Everything seemed alright. I got home tonight and opened my fridge and found that it was hot. So now all of the food in my fridge is ruined. And everything in the freezer has freezer burn.

The stuff in my fridge actually started growing mold in only the day or so since I last checked it.. 

Horrible timing too, I obviously need to get someone out here to fix it, but I was planning on spending the day studying at school for a text on Thursday (which I cant do at home since some jerk stole my text book)
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 Omg less then a month till Batsday and I still don"t know what i"m going to wear. ~super girly, girl moment here~

last year I made my outfit, but this year I haven't had the time.. I usually like to pick a color and work around it but i'm still undecided. 

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Pets.. I have way to many because im a big ol sap.

Oh I finally have to do it, here are all of my pets. 

Ok so I will start at my oldest cat Mau Mau.. she is 14 years old and Ive had her since she was born.. her favorite hobby is complaining and sitting in front of the heater.


Then I have Zo. She is probably around 8. We rescued her because my moms co worker found her in a dumpster, but was allergic to cats. Her favorite thing to do is to be scared of everything, hid and only come out to join me when im in the bathroom, ahaha.


Next I have Callie... again she is probably around 8. She was a ferrrel kitty that my mom convinced to come in and she has been here ever since. Her favorite thing to do is to attack the other kitties when they try to love me, she is super jealous! she hates when any of them get near me.


Then we have Isabelle. She is Callies daughter. she is about 4 years old now. Her favorite thing to do is to have staring contests with aaron..which you can see in this picture. She also loves to bring me stuff. I wake up in the morning or come home from work and there is a pile of nicknacks/makeup/bags ect on the bed.


Aaaand, Here is Max. He is about 4 years old as well and is another rescue.. we found him on our back stairs after he was attacked by something. He hasnt left since.. His favorite activity is bothering mow mow... and playing with rubber bands.

Oh and of course I have to include this cute picture of Isabelle using max as a chair.

Max and Bell>

Then I have Banjo.. We are not quite sure how old he is..Im guessing about 4. He is a surely cross eyed polydactyl bastard. He was a stray that lived in my apartment building that Aaron befriended.. now he is about 50/50 inside outside. His favorite hobbie is complaining and not being petted haha.


AAAND Finally here is Fish! He will be 4 years old in may. He is a really really spoiled fan tail gold fish..who isnt so much gold anymore as white with his gold looking like a little toupee on his head.

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Here is a purple look I did. I wanted to find a use for some Fuchsia glitter and managed to get it to stay on. All done in the attempt to match my dress :)  

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